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12 days with blindness

Hi dear reader, I'm happy to be writing for you. In this entry I want to talk to you about an experience that I lived a few days ago with my team. 

Yes, we’re a company that’s aware of how living with a visual disability presents some challenges, the pandemic has developed social distancing which made many of us forget what it means to not see day in and day out. 

We had a team building, which basically is a reunion with every team member within Sunu. It was amazing because for two entire weeks we moved into a house far from the city and its respective chaos. 

It was interesting to see that almost every member of the team was not used to living so long in the company of a blind person. In the beginning, it was a challenge for all. I had to get to know the spaces, know everyday obstacles and learn to move as it was my own home. They had to be more conscious of where they left their belongings and work stations, having to let me know if something got moved and so on. 

As time went by, we got used to living together, even though we had established a fun rule of having to charge a tip for anyone that left something in my way. 

Another interesting part was walking with a guide, since this group was not used to. In fact, I’d like to say that walking with a guide it’s pretty much common sense. More than techniques or theories, the guide must be conscious that in that moment he’s being the eyes of the other person. So if there’s something blocking the way such as stairs, leaves, unstable ground or anything else that prevents walking freely, it just needs to be informed from the guide to the other person. 

It’s not necessary to exaggerate in the care while guiding, it is also not required to get nervous since as I say, even though we’re walking with a guide, we are fully aware of our surroundings and maintain alert. 

So, the next time you guide a blind person, just relax and enjoy the way while having a nice chat. 

Remember dear reader that the only difference is blindness, everything else is the same, and don’t forget that there are many hacks for daily life. 

Wrapping it up, I loved that they had the experience of being 12 days with blindness and above all, they had the courage and grace of taking it in. 

With love, 

Ely García.