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Blind Life Hacks

Hello again, Ely García writes to you! today, I am here to share a little more about my day-to-day. Remember that in previous posts I told you that I live with legal blindness, which means that the rest of my sight is very minimum, but it can still be functional for certain tricks.

I will share with you some tips that make my life easier and I would love to read some of yours in the blog comments to increase our list of tricks and create more accessible situations for everyone.

It turns out that in addition to maintaining order - suggested when you are a visually impaired person, I am a girl obsessed with maintaining my space perfectly neat, I like to order my wardrobe by colors, type of garment, and even, by styles. For example, if you touch my closet and go from left to right, you will find elegant dresses and for parties, they are there because they are used very little, after you will find coats, jackets, and sweaters, well, all cozy stuff. Further on are dresses that range from formal to super casual, such as for the beach and finally, all kinds of blouses, formal, casual and sports. It is also important that you know that the color tones range from the darkest to the lightest and this order is followed by all the garments. I swear to you that with this structure I have never lost anything, much less I need to wear down my eyes or force them too much to find what I am looking for. Here the point is that everything is always the same, even when the garments are going to be put away after washing them.

The kitchen is also a place to have hacks and here I share my favorites. When I cook and I need to know if the stove fire has lit, I use the rest of my sight and turn off the kitchen light, this helps me to distinguish if the flame is already on and when I check it, I turn the light on again. This is really funny since when there is someone else with me, suddenly they don't understand the trick but what are we going to do, for me, it is super useful. I would also love to tell you that I am a tea lover, I like to have my warm drink while the morning goes by, and do you know that I do not spill anything when I serve it in my cup? I simply use a funnel, this may sound simple but I'm sure they are tricks that will get you out of trouble more than once.

In my country, Mexico, the size of the banknotes changes according to the denomination so before leaving home, I sort my wallet by size, this means that when I need a certain amount, I just have to touch to find the amount I need, a good tip for someone who has no difference in size would be to order them by denomination and remember how many bills you have, so you only have to touch and count to find what you need.

You know, as I told you before, I would love to read what are those little tricks that, however simple they may seem, make everyday life easier and more bearable despite the visual impairment. I really believe that when you talk with someone who lives the way you do, you will be surprised by the infinity of strategies that exist to carry out your activities, that is why my dear friend I hope that soon we can say...

"I learned this from a friend and now it's much easier for me to do it, it hadn't occurred to me!"

With love:

Ely Garcia.