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How do people with blindness type on electronic devices?

Have you ever wondered how people with blindness type on their computers? Or even more, how do they type on their smartphones or touch devices? Well, here I will tell you a little more about it. 

When a visually impaired person begins to learn Tyflotechnology, the first step is to know the device completely, explore it and know each of its buttons or keys to be able to use it successfully. With computers it is no different since the user must perform constant practice exercises with the keyboard and use a technique called typing, this means that each finger of the hand will control certain keys, and therefore, you must know the space by memory. As this practice is mastered, the person can get to write as fast or even faster than a person who sees the keyboard. 

Woman using voice over to type on her smartphone

On the other hand, on touch devices, there are functions that allow you to enter text just by dictating. You can also link a portable keyboard via Bluetooth, allowing manual typing and finally, there are people who, with constant practice, manage to master the digital space and write like anyone else just with the help of their screen reader. 

Therefore, for every method the first step will always be to learn and memorize the order of the keyboard, as it will be the same everywhere, the second step, practice, and practice to gain agility and speed, and finally, take advantage of all these resources to use them every day. Whether to write a short message by WhatsApp, write a letter, do homework, or just chat with a friend.