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Calibrate Sunu Band

Calibration allows your device to run features such as Compass, GPS Navigation, Explorer and enables Sunu Band to provide you with accurate directions.

To calibrate your device, pair your Sunu Band, and ensure the battery is above 60%, follow the next steps when you’re ready:

  1. Ensure that your Sunu Band rests on a flat surface with the sensor upright.
  2. Tab Calibration found on My Sunu Band tab.
  3. Select Start Calibration.
  4. As you start the calibration, grab your Sunu Band and begin to move, flip, and turn your device upside down in all directions in the air as if making an infinity sign.
  5. Voice Service will notify you when the process completes.

Notes: Remember that you must recalibrate Sunu Band when the battery dies or either when you update or reset your device to restore all Sunu Band features.

Click here to learn how to update your device.

Calibration tips:

After calibrating the Sunu Band for the first time, you can perform calibrations automatically without starting a calibration from the App; we will explain this further:

When you’re using the compass, Place Pointer or Street Pointer, and notice that the directions are not correct, do an infinity movement with your hand, moving the sunu band in all possible directions; after several repeated movements, it will calibrate automatically.

When you are in a different city, it is important to repeat the calibration exercise, either automatic or manual, from the Sunu App.