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Get started with Sunu App

Downloading Sunu App

The Sunu App is available for iOS and Android on the App Store and Google Play Store. The Sunu App is fully accessible with voiceover for iOS and Talkback for Android. 

Please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use before creating your account. Parents or legal guardians of children under the age of 13 must register on behalf of their child.

Setting up your Sunu App

When you launch the Sunu App for the first time, Sunu App will ask you to allow notifications. Select Allow to continue.

You may select your preferred social media platform to sign up or create your own Sunu Account so start.  

When you start, you will notice a Welcome Overview of the Sunu App and a quick settings window that helps you set up the right Voice Service speed for you, choose between feet and meters. Tap Next & Save once you finish setting everything up. 

Navigating Sunu App

Sunu App has four primary tabs that help you navigate through the app; they go from left to right and are called Navigation, My Sunu Band, Settings, and More.

In all the tabs, you find all functions available, get information on your Sunu Band, make adjustments, and check out your profile information.
Take a few moments to play around, get accustomed to the app’s design, and notice how everything you need is all in one place.

Notes: The upper-right corner of your screen will show an information icon that provides a brief explanation of the options located within the tab.


Sunu App Voice Service

Voice Service is automatically enabled to allow you to hear some of the important functions of the Sunu Band. Use Sunu Voice to hear the menu of apps, the time,  the compass, and Places.

Naturally, all prompts you hear come out of your smartphone’s speakers or any Bluetooth headphones connected to your phone.

Enable or disable Voice Services on Android

  1. Open Sunu Band and go to the Apps tab.
  2. Find Voice Services on the list.
  3. Tap on the toggle switch to turn ON/OFF.

Voice Services prompts are adjustable, you may adjust the speed from the bottom slider; the more you slide to the right, the faster the talking will go.

You can also quickly turn ON/OFF Voice Services from the shortcut located on the Dashboard of the Sunu App.

Enable or disable Voice Services on iOS

  1. Open Sunu App and go to the My Sunu Band tab. 
  2. Find the Voice Service Toggle Switch. 
  3. Double-tap to switch it ON/OFF. 

Notes: You can Press and hold Navigate Button on the Sunu Band to mute and unmute Sunu Voice Services anytime.