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How to Operate Your Sunu Band

Operating Sunu Band

Let’s locate all the Sunu Band parts you need to know to start operating your Sunu Band. The device interface consists of two buttons and a touchpad. The buttons enable you to access the various functions of the Sunu Band, and the touchpad allows you to browse through the options and make your selection. 

The buttons on one side are called “Home Button” and “Navigate Button.” The Home Button is the closest button to the sonar sensor with a rough texture. In contrast, the navigation button settles far away from the sensor and has a flat texture.

Let’s go over the touchpad; it is the flat surface you feel when you place your fingers on top of your device. You can swipe your finger from one side to the other to browse through the apps, or you can double-tap on it to accept and select an option at any moment.

Home Button functions

Home button in the sunu band is closer to the sonar
  1. Press the Home Button to wake up your Sunu Band or exit/stop any application anytime. 
  2. Press it twice to open the menu; the menu is where you select and open any of the features available on Sunu Band. 
  3. Additionally, you can press and hold it to trigger a whistle on your phone; this notification is called Phone Finder.

Navigate button functions

Navigate button is on the opposite side of the sonar
  1. Press the Navigate Button to start the obstacle detection. 
  2. Double-press it to enter the Compass feature. You may change it to your favorite App through the settings of your Sunu App. 
  3. When you press and hold this button, you can turn ON/OFF the Voice Services.

Touchpad functions

Touchpad is the flat surface on top of the sunu band
  1. Switch from one mode to another when in obstacle detection or browsing through Menu options.
  2. Double-tab to make a selection when in the Menu or know the battery level. 
  3. Get the time:
    1. Swipe towards the sensor to read the hours.
    2. Swipe away from the sensor to read the minutes.

 For a quick recap, all you need to remember is: when using the Buttons on one side, Click, Double-Click, and Press & Hold the Buttons; or, swipe and tap on the Touchpad.

Quickstart Guide

The Quickstart Guide is a function that helps you interactively to understand how to operate your device through clear instructions via Voice Service. The Quick Start Guide starts by default the first time you pair your Sunu Band to your smartphone, or you can begin it from the Start Quickstart Guide button on the My Sunu Band Tab.
To close this function, you must tap on Stop Quickstart Guide.

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