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My Favorites

Here’s where you find the list of all places you save from the search bar and the favorites feature on Sunu Band. You can always access your list to get directions to the places you save onto your list, even if you save them via Sunu App or from Sunu Band.

Saving a location as a favorite from your smartphone

  1. Enter My Favorites, tap Add New; wait for the businesses to load, name it, and keep it onto your list.
  2. Otherwise, tap on Add New, and tag your current location as a favorite. 

Using My Favorites from the Sunu Band

Open the Sunu Band and select My Favorites to begin receiving walking directions from your position to the place you wish to go more easily or save your location without taking your phone.

To save a place using Sunu Band open My Favorites from the Menu, swipe to choose between two options when adding stops onto your list; you can select between:

  • Save your current location.
  • Save a business near you.

Notes: Every time you save a location, unless you add a name to it via Sunu App, you will listen to the actual address of the place you saved.