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My Sunu Band Tab

This guide focuses on The My Sunu Band tab found on the second tab from left-to-right on Sunu App for iOS. It gives you full access to all Sunu Band features through this tab.

The My Sunu Band tab helps you customize your experience with Sunu Band; you can pair/unpair, update, calibrate your device. Access Sunu Band information such as battery level and your device’s quick settings. Moreover, you may activate/deactivate Voice Services with a toggle switch, set up alarms, adjust the watch preferences and Obstacle Detection settings. 

You will also find a Quickstart Guide that will guide how to use your Sunu Band through a series of steps where voice prompts advise about each button’s function.  

We will explain the Quick Access Feature and the Sonar Configuration in detail, as they help customize your experience with Sunu Band.

Preferred feature

The Preferred Feature is the feature that starts when pressing the Navigate Button twice. It will trigger the Compass App when your device by default.

Additionally, The Preferred Feature lets you trigger your favorite feature with a double-click on Navigate Button. This option allows you to select your favorite feature and set it up as your preferred feature.

You may handpick among all the options below: 

  • Compass
  • Where Am I
  • Places
  • My Favorites
  • Street Pointer

Lastly, you can use a toggle switch to turn OFF/ON the Compass App when your Sunu Band is not paired to your smartphone.

Features Menu

The Features Menu enlists all features available for you, letting you customize your selection by switching ON all the options you want to access when you open the Menu (By double-clicking the Home Button) on your Sunu Band. 

Currently, all customizable features are: 

  • Compass.  
  • Where Am I.
  • Places.
  • Place Pointer
  • My Favorites.
  • Street Pointer. 

Notes: When you switch OFF a feature option, this option will not be available on Sunu Band until it’s switched back ON.

Wrist Preference

This option allows you to select the wrist you carry the Sunu Band on. 

Although you may use Sunu Band on the wrist that suits you best, we recommend wearing it on the opposite hand of your guide dog or white cane.   

Hand gestures

The Hand Gestures enable you to control various functions such as Obstacle detection with a double-tap on the waist. It’s useful in a situation in which you need to nap the sonar sensor without pressing any button. Additionally, you can trigger your preferred feature with the Fist Gesture.

These features allow you to control the Obstacle Detection sensor, your fav features and switch between them on the go without interrupting your hands. 

You find a toggle switch to turn ON/OFF these function from here. 

Check out our Hand Gesture tutorial to read more.

Sonar Configuration

In this option, you can adjust the Obstacle Detection settings of all modes.

You will find the default modes Indoor Mode & Outdoor Mode and a newly added Gap Finding Mode. Furthermore, you can create your own sonar mode by saving your own presets.

You can adjust detection range, sensing angle, type of feedback, and vibration strength in a nutshell.

Vibratory Alarms

You can set up a vibratory alarm on your Sunu Band, select the days you need to be set it up, and select a vibratory pattern of your like.

Haptic Watch

You can select between a 12-hour format and a 24-format. Additionally, a slider bar lets you adjust the watch voice speed. 

You can activate just the haptic feedback, audio feedback only, or both. 

Quickstart Guide

The Quickstart Guide lets you  get step-by-step voice instructions on how to use the band the first time is connected to help you get up to speed in a few seconds.