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Pairing your Sunu Band

Pairing Sunu Band on Android

The Sunu Band Status Bar is at the top of the Dashboard screen. The status bar will indicate:

  • The battery level.
  • When future updates are available.
  • The Pair button.

Tab on Pair and bring your Sunu Band close to your phone, after a few moments, TalkBack will notify you when paired.

Pairing Sunu Band on iOS

To pair your Sunu Band to your smartphone, follow the following steps:

Pairing the Sunu Band
  1. Go to My Sunu Band and find the Connect Sunu Band button on top.
  2. When you tap on the pairing button, you need to confirm access to Bluetooth; tab Allow to continue.
  3. Bring your Sunu Band close to your smartphone and let a checkmark come up; Voice Service will notify you when ready. 

Sunu App updates your Sunu Band when paired the first time; wait a few moments for the update process to end if it’s required.

Finally, Sunu App will trigger a Quick Start Guide. It will show you how to use your Sunu Band by testing and following instructions via Voice Service. 

You can either follow the instructions until the end of the Quick Start Guide or close it from the Stop Quick Guide button.

Click here to learn to calibrate your Sunu Band.

When your Sunu Band runs out of battery, ensure that your Sunu Band’s settings remain saved by making sure Sunu Band shows up as paired to your smartphone; you may proceed to pair/unpair.