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Sonar Sensor Enhancements + Gap Finding Mode


The sonar sensor’s recent evolution will allow you to take full advantage of your Sunu Band’s abilities, providing a simple but complete tool to adjust the sonar to your needs, making its use a personalized experience.

Now, you will find three default modes, Indoor Sonar Mode, Outdoor Sonar Mode, and our newly developed Gap Finding. Furthermore, you can create your own presets for different scenarios and choose between advanced sonar detection forms, such as texture and shape detection.

Indoor and Outdoor Mode

Understanding the settings

We have redesigned our default modes to give you a better user experience. The range settings, now called maximum distance, the detection area is now called Sensing Angle, and vibration intensity, now called Vibration Power, will remain available in the new settings. Additionally, you can adjust the minimum distance and the type of haptic feedback by frequency or intensity. We will proceed to explain this further. 

The Maximum Distance

Allows you to select the range from which the sunu band will begin to detect obstacles. The maximum distance you can choose is 15 feet (4.9 meters). It is necessary to mention that the greater the distance, the more difficult it will be to detect small obstacles, such as people or posts; however, the detection is more precise in short distances.

The Minimum Distance 

This setting helps you set how far you want the highest vibration to avoid contact with obstacles around you. For this configuration, you can consider how fast you are when you walk, how big your steps are, or how long your cane is. For example, if you walk fast, adjust the range between 1.0 or 1.5 meters; on the other hand, if your walk is slow, you can set it up between 0.5 or 1.0 meters. Remember that you can always experiment with new settings according to your needs.

The Sensing angle 

It helps you choose how broad the sonar vision will be, adapting it to different spaces, ranging from very narrow to very wide. This setting enables the sonar sensor to be less or more sensitive to detect objects around you. For example, in a supermarket, you could use the narrow level so that the detection is more accurate; on the other hand, in the street or a park, use the widest setting for higher sensitivity.

Haptic feedback 

This option allows you to customize how you want to feel the information from the Sunu band; there are two modes:

  • Frequency-based: The frequency of vibration indicates the distance, intending that the closer the object is, the faster pulses you feel and vise versa. 
  • Power-based: The Power-based vibrations indicate the distance in terms of strength; that is, the closer you are to the object, you feel stronger the vibrations triggered and vise versa. 

Finally, the vibration power works to adjust the vibrations’ haptic intensity; this setting only applies when frequency-based feedback is selected, which means that you can choose how strong the vibrations can get. 

  • Level 0 or weak will reduce the strength. 
  • Level 1 or Medium is the default strength setting.
  • Level 2 or Strong makes the vibrations stronger.