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Sunu App Navigation Features Overview

This guide will help you understand how to use all navigation features enabled when Sunu Band is connected to the Sunu App.

We will go over each one of them, but we want to remind you that Voice Services play a crucial role when browsing through the features; ensure that Voice Service remains active while in use. 

We kindly remind you that many of these features are momentarily only available for iOS users, and some features may be temporarily disabled.

If you wish you the part of our Beta Testing Community, reach out to us at

Where Am I

It helps you estimate your location in real-time by geolocation via Voice Service. Bear in mind that when you are inside a building, mall, store, park, or open area, the geolocation takes an estimation of your location. To obtain exact information of position, go to the nearest street or avenue to get your precise location. 

You may activate the Where am I Feature in three different ways: 

  1. Double-click the Navigate Button on the Sunu Band to trigger it automatically.
  2. You may select Where am I from the App Menu on your Sunu App.
  3. You can tap Where Am I on Sunu App to activate it from your smartphone.


With this feature, you can look up for any location on your smartphone within 0.6 miles or 1 kilometer; get directions to specific places, including saving it as a favorite.


Here, you will find diverse categories and get directions from your position to businesses near you.

  1. Tap on Places Categories, 
  2. Select a category of your preference and wait for the list of places near you to display, 
  3. Select a business you like from the list to begin receiving directions via Voice Service. 

To start the app from your Sunu Band:

  1. Press the Home Button twice to activate the Menu
  2. Swipe and double tab when you hear Places Categories
  3. Swipe to browse through the categories available and double-tap to pick your selection.
  4. Voice Service will begin to provide you with directions to the place you selected.

Place Pointer

With Place Pointer you discover all business and sites in the direction you’re facing. You may point your Sunu band or phone in the direction you’re walking and quickly get real-time information of the businesses ahead of you. Naturally, as you turn around, information updates as you face a new direction.

You can use this feature on Sunu Band or via Sunu App, when used on Sunu Band, with a simple swipe you can move forward to the next option available.

Remember that the voice prompts come out of your phone’s speakers, we highly recommend you use bone conduction headphones or any bluetooth headphones that might not obstruct your hearing.

Street Pointer

With the new Street Pointer feature, you will be able to quickly know exactly where you’re standing.

The Street pointer allows you to point your Sunu band or phone in any direction and quickly get real-time information of the names of streets nearby and determine if you’re headed the right way.

  • When using the Sunu Band, swipe in/out on the touchpad to hear the following or previous streets – in the direction you’re pointing.
  • When using the Sunu App, navigate through your screen using voice services and get all of the streets listed by proximity.

Friendly reminder: You don’t require a Sunu Band to use this feature and


Sunu Band comes with a Compass App that enables you to know the direction you’re walking. 

If you wish to use the Compass App on your smartphone:

  1. Open Sunu App and ensure you’re in the Navigate Tab.
  2. Tab the Compass option from the list.
  3. Point your smartphone in the direction you’re facing.

To access the Compass App from your Sunu Band: 

  1. Access the Menu on your Sunu Band,
  2. Double-tap as soon as you hear Compass App.
  3. Lift your arm horizontally in the direction you are facing. 
  4. Turn around and notice that VoiceOver will go with you wherever you go. 

Notes: Before using this feature on your Sunu Band, your Sunu Band is calibrated from the Calibration option on Sunu App.

My Favorites

Here’s where you find the list of all places you save from the search bar. 

To save a place as a favorite from your smartphone, you can:

  1. Tap on Add New; wait for the businesses to load, name it, and keep it onto your list.
  2. Otherwise, tap on Add New, and tag your current location as a favorite. 

You can use My Favorites from the Sunu Band to:

  • Begin receiving walking directions from your position to the place you wish to visit.
  • Save your current whereabouts using your exact location. 

To save a place using Sunu Band without grabbing your smartphone, open My Favorites from the Menu, swipe to choose between two options when adding stops onto your list; you can select between:

  • Save your current location.
  • Save a business near you.

Phone Finder

Phone Finder will quickly help you locate your phone!

When your Sunu Band and smartphone are within Bluetooth range, press and hold the Home Button on your Sunu Band, and your phone will begin to ring.

Access our Phone Finder Guide to read more in detail.