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Sunu App Support Guide

Welcome to our support guide for Sunu App, we will go over the most common issues that might come up when using the Sunu App.  

Pairing Issues

When starting the pairing process, take into account the following:

  • Your Sunu Band must be above 50% of charge while pairing your device since it will look up for updates.
  • Ensure your Bluetooth is ON and you allow Bluetooth permissions on your smartphone.
  • When pressing the Pair or Connect Sunu Band button, please place your Sunu Band and smartphone as close as possible, preferably touching each other. 
  • Press the Home Button on your Sunu Band, as you tap the Pair button on your smartphone. 
  • It takes around 10 seconds for the phone to detect your Sunu Bands.

If your Sunu Band remains undetected and the screen of your phone does not change, please proceed by making sure that:

  1. Sunu Band is powered ON. (You may press the Home Button again). 
  2. Make sure that your Sunu Band does not show up as connected from the settings of your phone.
  3. Try closing the Sunu App and reopen it to check if Sunu Band appears as Connected on your screen; Sunu App restarts when exiting the app. 
  4. If everything seems to be in order, delete the Sunu App and reinstall it again. 

Notes: If Sunu Band remains undetected after the Sunu App was reinstalled on your phone, use a different smartphone to diagnose if the issue comes from the smartphone. 

In some new rare cases, Android models might not be compatible with that version. Please contact us and provide us your smartphone model and android version so that our team verifies the compatibility. 

Furthermore, if the Sunu Band firmware updates on iOS 14. Android device will not recognize your Sunu Band. 

Voice Service not working

Voice Service is automatically enabled when pairing your device. Voice service remains working for as long as you leave the app running in the background; press the Home Button on your Sunu Band, and the Voice Service will reactivate.

For Voice Service to work correctly, verify the following:

  • Confirm that the sound on your smartphone is enabled. 
  • The volume must be at an adequate level for you to hear, and the Sunu App Voice Services is ON.
  • For the voice services to be enabled, you simply have to open the Sunu App.

If you followed the previous steps with no luck and no sound comes out of the speakers, continue with the following:

  1. Unpair the Sunu Band, close and reopen the Sunu App.
  2. If the previous steps didn’t work. Sunu App shall be deleted and reinstalled all over again. 


You can Mute/Unmute the Voice Services by pressing and holding the Navigate Button for five seconds.

Sunu Band Calibration

Please consider that under the following scenarios, Sunu Band has to be calibrated again:

  • Sunu Band runs out of battery.
  • When Rebooting Sunu Band.
  • When reinstalling the firmware on Sunu Band.

If you notice an error when calibrating your device, please contact our team for further support.

Contact us via email

Compass App Issues

Compass App not providing directions accurately

Sunu Band Compass might not accurately work if not set up correctly. Take a few times to understand and ensure that Sunu Compass App performs accurately following the next tips:

  1. Sunu Band has been calibrated
  2. Wearing hand has been selected on Sunu App.


When activating the Compass App, wait 5 seconds before lifting your arm so the compass knows in which arm you are wearing your Sunu

Issues reported on iOS

Our team is working on the Compass App for iOS users, as Voice Service inverts the direction when indicating step-by-step directions.

If you notice that Sunu Band Compass is having issues, please contact us via Sunu App from the Help option to verify the serial number of your device and your firmware version.

Phone Finder not playing sound

Your smartphone won’t reproduce any sound if in silent mode; simultaneously, your phone settings may restrict the volume that comes out of the speakers. 

Ensure sound is enabled and Silence Mode is not active; the phone will start vibrating when activating Phone Finder in Silent Mode.

Places not displaying or loading places

Please note that location services play a critical role when accessing the Place Finder. Try the following suggestions to see if something changes:

Verify that the distance corresponds to your location’s closest place so that the categories can display sites nearby. 

Adjust the search radius from the slider at the Settings tab on your Sunu App; remember, the more you slide to the left, the less the search radius will consider. 

If an error message comes up stating that a “token got expired,” Continue to log out and sign back in. 

Please proceed by notifying us via email when previous steps seem to give no results.

Bear in mind that these are the most common cases found. Whether

Please do reach out to us through the tab Help from your Sunu App.

Navigational features (Where Am I, Places, My Favorites)

As we work to enhance and develop our new navigational tools, some features might be disabled in some regions while reported bugs are fixed. At the same time, we encourage you to report any issue you might be experiencing while navigating on Sunu App.

Navigational features might be disabled from time to time, showing an “expired token” message or Voice Service saying that it’s having trouble finding locations nearby. If this is the case, please log out and sign in again using any social media or via Sunu Account to refresh the parameters on your app.

If you’re experiencing several issues with your app, please contact us via Help on Sunu App.