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Sunu Band Compass

Sunu Band comes with a Compass App that enables you to know the direction you’re walking. 

To use the Compass App on your smartphone

  1. Open Sunu App and ensure you’re in the Navigate Tab.
  2. Tap on the Compass feature in the list.
  3. Point your smartphone in the direction you’re facing.

To access the Compass App from your Sunu Band 

  1. Access the Menu on your Sunu Band,
  2. Double-tap as soon as you hear Compass App.
  3. Lift your arm horizontally in the direction you are facing. 
  4. Turn around and notice that VoiceOver will go with you wherever you go. 

Notes: Before using this feature on your Sunu Band, ensure that your Sunu Band is calibrated; you can do so from the Calibration option on Sunu App.

Notes:​ To ensure accuracy, please select your ​Wrist Preference​ on Sunu App. 

Select your wrist preference

It is vital that the Sunu Band sensors correctly detect the hand you are wearing your device to ensure that the Compass and navigational features accurately work when in use. 

Select Wrist Preference on Android

  1. Open Sunu App and find the Apps tab.
  2. Select the option Wearing Hand located at the bottom of the list.
  3. Select the hand you wear your Sunu Band on.

Select Wrist Preference on iOS

  1. Open Sunu App, and go to the My Sunu Band tab.
  2. Find the Wrist Preference option. 
  3. Select the arm in which you wear your device.

Compass Offline Shortcut

With the Sunu band firmware update, you can access the Compass function when your device is not connected to your phone by pressing the Navigate Button twice.

To enable this offline function

  1. Go to the My sunu band tab in the Sunu App.
  2. Enter the Preferred Features Option
  3. Find the very last option at the bottom; Voice Service states that the Compass feature will be activated when your phone is not paired.
  4. Ensure that the toggle switch is ON.

When you start the Compass without being paired to the Sunu App, you will know the cardinal point you are pointing at through vibrations. 

Remember that Voice Service only works when paired to your smartphone and that the 360 ​​degrees are divided into eight similar parts that let you know the following positions.

  1. North, 
  2. South, 
  3. East, 
  4. West, 
  5. Northeast, 
  6. Southeast, 
  7. Northwest
  8. Southwest, 

While pointing north, you feel a continuous vibration, whereas the south is expressed with a series of pulses. When you pass through the remaining cardinal points, you will feel a single pulse; this way, you quickly calculate which direction you are pointing.

Example: To locate the east, point to the north, where you will feel a continuous vibration, begin to move your wrist clockwise slowly, you will feel a short vibration which indicates that you are passing through the northeast, keep turning around until you feel the second vibration, at this point you are pointing east.

You can practice with your sunu band linked to the App; the voice service will indicate where you are pointing while you feel the vibrations.

Furthermore, you may activate the hand gestures to start with the double fist gesture.