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Sunu Band Hand Gestures

The hand gestures are movements/positions of your hand that trigger or deactivate different Sunu Band functions. These gestures help you quickly and easily control a few things:

  • Pause/Activate Obstacle Detection  
  • Trigger your preferred feature 
  • Switch between the last app used and the one currently in use.

Setting up the hand gestures

To locate the hand gestures option: Open your Sunu App > My Sunu Band Tab > Hand Gesture.


  • Calibrate your Sunu Band to ensure that the gestures sync correctly to your hand position. 
  • Set up your wrist preference. 
  • Ensure that all of them are active through the toggle switch. 
  • Enable the Preferred Feature from the My Sunu Band tab, pick your preferred feature among the list. 

Preferred feature: This feature will start when you double-click the Navigate Button or tab your hip with your fist. Set up your most-used feature to take advantage of this function. 

Hand Gestures Overview

Sonar Gesture (Pausing Obstacle Detection)

Tap on your wrist twice against the side of your leg to pause the sonar mode; Voice Service will indicate that it’s deactivated. You can repeat the gesture, and Sunu Band will get back on.

Preferred Feature Gesture

By choosing your preferred feature, you can access it quickly by making a fist with your hand and tapping the front of it against the side of your leg twice; Voice Service will tell you that the feature has been triggered.

Notes: To clear this up, the side of your fist that touches your leg is the side of your thumb. 

Switch between features 

When you trigger a feature other than the one marked as preferred, you can perform the first gesture to switch to your preferred feature as a shortcut. For example, if you select Where Am I as the preferred feature and enter the Compass through the Menu, you trigger where I am by making a fist with your hand.

Gestures always on: Enabling this option will allow your Sunu Band to detect your gestures at all times, even when Sunu Band goes to sleep. Bear in mind that activating this option drains your battery quicker than expected, as the sensors are activated at all times.