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What's a Sunu Band?

The Sunu Band is a mobility aid for the blind and visually impaired designed to detect upper body obstacles, specifically the area that the white cane or guide dog misses by nature. It comes with a Sunu App for iOS and Android that gives you access to several features such as GPS Navigation, Compass, Where Am I, and others.

Develops your independence by augmenting your awareness, advising you of obstacles at a high level as you pass by.

Sunu Band immediately vibrates when finding an object on its way; the vibrations become more constant as you come closer to the obstacle in front. Pulses adjust in real-time to inform you of the distance between you and the object detected.

Sunu Band comes with two presets, indoor and outdoor; each preset helps you get around obstacles depending on the range you need at a specific moment. Besides, Sunu Band enables you to adapt yourself to the place you are visiting.