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Accessibility for Facebook Pt. 2

Hello dear reader! Thank you for reading with me one more week. I’m sure you were waiting for the second part of this blog. Worry no more, it’s here!

In the last entry we talked about the integrated Facebook navigation assistant and how it’s one of the major assets of accessibility within this social media App. This tool is designed to help users screen readers and other assistive technology navigating through Facebook. 

Facebook allows its users to give alt descriptions of every image and video, which facilitates the subtitles for screen readers and other assistive technology.

In our last blog, we learned how to add alternative text (or alt text) and in this second part we’ll learn to upload subtitles in a video inside Facebook. 

This social media allows subtitles for videos under the .srt file extension. To upload subtitles for a video, follow this next steps: 

  1. Click on the photo/video in the upper part of the news feed or bio. 
  2. Choose a video from your files and click publish. 
  3. You will get a notification when the video is ready to play. Click on the notification or in the date and hour (in grey) on top of the post in the news feed or bio. 
  4. Click on the three little dots on the bottom and select Edit video
  5. Click on upload SRT files and select an .srt file from your browser. 
  6. Save

I don’t know what you think, but to me it seems incredibly easy to construct social media more accessible and at the same time,  support a world where “differences” won’t matter as much.

As my friend Dan from Lazarillo once said, “Without accessibility, there is no inclusion”. 

Thank you so much for reading me and don’t miss our next blog. We’ll get to one of the most important social media Apps today, let’s make accessible content for Instagram together!

Read you soon. 

With love, Ely García.