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The World of Web Accessibility

Hello again! Ely García greets you with pleasure, back in this section that I enjoy so much.

We are going to enter a world unknown to some, but undoubtedly a super important world. Web accessibility.

If you are a user of screen readers either on your mobile or on a computer, surely more than once you have said or thought "This page is not accessible!" and we say this because some buttons have no name, or simply our reader cannot tell us exactly what is on the screen. This is more common than you might imagine in both mobile applications and websites. But did you know that there is a whole methodology to prevent this from happening?

Yes, the main objective of web accessibility is to ensure that web pages and mobile applications can be used by the maximum number of people, regardless of their knowledge, personal abilities, or the technical characteristics of the equipment used to access the web.

There is a consortium called World Wide Web (W3C) who, in short, is in charge of regulating and monitoring the Internet world; They have designed a working group focused exclusively on digital accessibility, from which web accessibility is derived. Currently, we have Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) which explain how to make Web content such as text, images, forms, or sound accessible to people with disabilities. This has the result that we, the users who navigate with technical aids such as screen readers or braille lines, have access to the same information as the rest of the people.

The web is currently a very important resource for different aspects of life such as school, work, entertainment, and many others.

I invite you not to miss my next post since together with the Latin American Accessibility Observatory, we will carry out an evaluation of the most important social networks and we will tell you in more depth which are the most accessible and how this impacts their use when you have a disability.

I also share the official WCAG page here in case you are interested in learning more and you love the subject as much as I do :

You already have in mind, what do you think is the most accessible network? Because I would love to read you and finally discover it together.


Without more, for now, I’ll see you in the next one.

With love:

Ely Garcia.