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Visual impairment is a condition that affects the perception of images in whole or in part. People with visual impairment construct and discover the world through partial sensations, such as smells, tastes, sounds, touch, and perhaps segmented images of objects.

This term generalizes the conditions of total blindness and low vision, in its different degrees of vision loss. For example, I am currently a person with blindness, and some years ago I was a person with low vision.

Despite this, I have managed to finish my studies and now work, thanks to the existence of technical aids that reduce the deficiency in the participation of a person with a disability; they can be technical, technological resources, or service animals and allow enhancing the functionality of other parts of the body or increase the functionality of that which has the limitation, developing independence and participation as it allows the user to adapt to the environment by providing tools. Some examples are wheelchairs, white canes, screen readers and magnifiers, service dogs, sign language, or the Braille system.


ely sitting typing on her laptop, at her desk is her cell phone, headset and a voice assistant.

Technological aids specialized for the visually impaired are called Tyflotechnology. Thanks to screen readers and magnifiers, people with low vision and blindness can use computers, smartphones, tablets, and many other devices.

The use of tyflotechnology favors our academic, work, and social development. Thanks to these tools, we have access to reading and writing documents, preparing reports and presentations, consulting information of all kinds on the Internet, using e-mail, accessing social networks, and educational and entertainment resources.

This is why tyflotechnology has become an indispensable tool for inclusion, since it allows us to access new technologies, either through specific equipment or adaptations, according to the needs or objectives of each user, contributing to independence and personal autonomy as well as full social, labor and educational inclusion.

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With love: Ely Garcia.