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From our customer success team, sharing tricks, hacks and stories about living with blindness and technology.

Living with Blindness

With Marce Lorenzana
12 days with blindness - mysunuband
12 days with blindness

Yes, we’re a company that’s aware of how living with a visual disability presents some challenges, the pandemic has developed social distancing which made many of us forget what it means to not see day in and day out. We had a team building, which basically is a reunion with every team member within Sunu. It was amazing because for two entire weeks we moved into a house far from the city and its respective chaos. 

Go beyond the visual - mysunuband
Go beyond the visual

Since I started my professional practice until today, I receive questions such as: How do you do it when you work with children and paint? Has anyone ever stopped going with you when they found out you don't see? What does Fitgy do  inside the clinic?

Myths about visual impairment - mysunuband
Myths about visual impairment

. There are many misconceptions that have been created because of stereotypes caused by movies, books or any entertainment material where a person with blindness  is represented by misconceptions that are being imposed on our societies.

Art and visual impairment - mysunuband
Art and visual impairment

From a very young age, I was interested in art, especially music and to be more specific, the piano was the first instrument that caught my attention. It should be noted that I was never interested in music because of this well-known stereotype that people with visual disabilities have good ears and that is why they dedicate themselves to music. I was interested in its complexity and in some way at 8 years old, I related its keys to the keys of the computer that I used for my academic development.


With Ely García
Accessible content for Instagram - mysunuband
Accessible content for Instagram

We'll learn how to insert alt. text for Instagram. Instagram does use technology recognition that automatically generates descriptions of the objects for screen readers, it is always best if we can add our own alt. text to our images. 

Accessibility for Facebook Pt. 2 - mysunuband
Accessibility for Facebook Pt. 2

Facebook allows its users to give alt descriptions of every image and video, which facilitates the subtitles for screen readers and other assistive technology.

Accessible content for Facebook Pt.1 - mysunuband
Accessible content for Facebook Pt.1

The Facebook Help Center offers a lot of information about accessibility to their users, including instructions step by step to utilize the shortcut keys using a keyboard, screen readers, subtitles for videos and much more.

Accessible Content on Twitter - mysunuband
Accessible Content on Twitter

Continuing with the series of posts focused on web accessibility and social networks, today we will talk about how to be more accessible and more inclusive when communicating on social networks. We will go step by step since this is a beautiful but giant world. We will start with Twitter and later with the rest of the networks.

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